Policy-based Encrypted Email An easy way to encrypt outgoing emails                                                                                       for your whole organization Features: A rules-based policy engine automatically scans content of all outgoing email Determines how to handle emails based on pre-determined rules and policies Provides high degree of flexibility for managers to build rules based on the specific needs of their business Offers detailed reporting and tracking of all outbound emails Uses standards-based PKI encryption technology Benefits: Automatic Comprehensive Easy to manage Easy to use Functionality:  Automatic scanning of all outgoing emails based on policies defined by an administrator. Email header, body, and attachments are scanned Engine determines whether or not to: Send the email unencrypted Encrypt and send the email Returns the email to the sender (doesn’t send) Deletes the email (doesn’t send) Every email can be logged Users can automatically encrypt emails by typing a company-defined key word in the subject line.  i.e. “Secure” or “Encrypt” Recipients retrieve encrypted emails via a web portal
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