CURRENT  OFFERING  NEW OFFERING:    - HIPAA POLICY BASED ENCRYPTION  - FULL EMAIL ARCHIVE   Email Account  Features POP/IMAP - Current  Product RS - 2010 MS Exchange POP/IMAP w/Encryption INT - 2010 MS Exchange  (OWA ONLY) INT - 2010 MS Exchange Base cost per month $4.00 $15.00 $6.00 $15.00 $25.00 PRICE PER USER PER  MONTH, WITH OUTLOOK NA Included NA NA Included INCLUDED MAILBOX  STORAGE PER USER 10 GB 25 GB 10 GB 3 GB Unlimited INERNET WEBMAIL  INTERFACE        CUSTOM EMAIL CLIENT            Click for Details OUTLOOK WEB APP (OWA)           NA - Policy-Based Encrypted  Email CANNOT be implemented  via the webmail interface. OUTLOOK WEB APP (OWA) OUTLOOK WEB APP (OWA)  ACTIVESYNC $1.00 Included NA $2 per device Included BLACKBERRY NA $9 per device NA $9 per device $9 per device Email Protection and  Security Included Included Included Included Included UNLIMITED EMAIL  ARCHIVING &  EDISCOVERY Daily backups with up to 14-day  restores. NA Daily backups with up to 14-day  restores.       Included       Included POLICY-BASED  ENCRYPTED EMAIL          NA NA Requires at least one INT 2010  EXCHANGE account per office.  Outgoing Emails must be sent by  a PC Work Station, Laptop or  Mobile device.  Included Included
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